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I'm Amanda. I'm married to Matt and we have two brown eyed daughters, Anna and Emilia (Mia). We live in a little town and are attempting to live a simpler, slower, and more real life. We want to live life on purpose. Looking to clear the unnecessary clutter, live a quiet life, take care of what is given to us, and be in the present moment. 

"To aspire to live quietly, mind your own affairs, and to work with your hands." - 1 Thessalonians 4:11

We have farmhouse dreams, and heaven dreams. We love Jesus and try to live that out as Catholics. We want to raise strong, charitable, and kind daughters.

I love gardening, sewing, and reading. I would rather be with people having coffee, than not with people and not having coffee. I enjoy cooking when I take the time to plan for it. I really love having babies, and making a house feel like home. My house could be cleaner, but simplifying is helping! I prefer to be outside, but also love cozy winters indoors...hygge anyone? {even though winter up here is hogging 3 seasons!}

Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to leave me a comment, I'd love to visit with you! 

I'm also on instagram: @simpleslowreal

(My husband Matt blogs at www.reasonablecatholic.com)


  1. Ah this makes me want to start reading the whole Anne of Green Gables series again...

    1. You should!! I appreciate them so much as a mother of daughters!! Can't wait to read them to the girls!


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