I'm back! I haven't blogged for a few months, one of the reasons simply being the first trimester. It definitely wasn't the worst I've had, or compared to other women's very difficult pregnancies, but the reality of it was still a challenge and an adjustment to a new normal for a time! Summer is generally a busy time with a lot going on, so add to that the disorganisation of doing the bare minimum around here didn't leave me with much (any?) brain space. And the third reason being computer troubles, which made blogging if I had spare energy or time very frustrating..and not worth the energy or time...but those are resolved and here we are!

The last blog post I wrote I did a little mind dump of where I am at, or things that are on my mind, so I think I'll do that again to kick off being back!

- feeling very inspired to get a morning routine in place. I need to start the day with a few things that I think will have an impact on our family life: silence, prayer/Bible, and looking ahead at my planner and what is on the docket for the day/week

- I've been enjoying a pot of tea in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings. But it doesn't make me feel terrible like coffee does! I've mainly been drinking chamomile and peppermint, but hoping to get a couple more into the rotation

-I've been very inspired to read great books. I want to expand my mind and my imagination, as a woman. It's so easy to never pick up a book these days with smartphones being so much more enticing when you are looking for that break. But I have been swallowed up into a few amazing books lately and it really gave me the itch to read more and more! The books were Jennifer Fulwilers' One Beautiful Dream, the Fountains of Carrots Podcast book club pick Gunnar's Daughter by Sigrid Undset, and I'm 50 pages from finishing Strangers and Sojourners by Michael O'Brien. Each one has been thought provoking and moved me to tears or laughter and genuinely made me grow as a person, or ponder things about my life that I wouldn't have otherwise

- that leads me to this point, I've been inspired by Sarah Clarkson whose book just came out today actually! It's called Book Girl and I can't wait to see the book lists she includes inside! 

- if you aren't in a book club, start one! My sister started one just over a year ago and I can definitely say I read 12 more books last year than I probably would have otherwise! It is the most beautiful group of ladies and we choose a book per month and meet via video chat on the first Tuesday. It has been something I look forward to each month and has brought invaluable richness to my life! 

- we are still hoping to sell our house soon, just need to decide when we should list.. it's not as ready as it could be, but at this point in our crazy life I think it's as good as it's going to get and hopefully there is the perfect person for it! We plan to sell it and rent another house in town for the time being 

- I find out tomorrow if this little baby inside is a boy or a girl..I cannot wait! I'll share it here, so stay tuned! 

- Matt has a new work schedule that I think will work better for our family (it was my idea!) He is now working Mon/Wed/Fri at his Chiropractic Clinic, and working Tues/Thurs at his separate office space with a daily lunch break at noon. It is a much more traditional schedule and he won't have to switch gears by working his two jobs on the same day. I will write a whole post on this new job opportunity that came our way soon! But for the mean time, I can tell you that Matt is the Assistant Director for the new Word On Fire Institute that launches this October

- oh, and that requires us relocating to Texas in the next 18 months or so! But more on that later! 

Well, my time this afternoon has come to a close, although I feel there is so much more to say. But there is time. And right now my house and kids are calling! Thank you so much for being here. We will definitely be sharing some major upcoming adventures and I'd love to have you along for the ride! 

xx Amanda


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