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twenty seven

I turned 27 on Victoria Day and came home to my own White Way of Delight, dreamy apple blossoms in full bloom! I have been anticipating 27, and for some strange reason I was excited for this certain age. It holds so much promise in my feels like a real adult age, where I will be the woman I imagined I would be in my late twenties...rather than, truthfully, feeling still 22 or 23. Even though I know it doesn't work quite like this, I feel this age calling me to stand a little taller, try a little harder. I'm trying to verbalize some abstract thoughts here, for my own memories. So I can look back and see how I did, in my twenty seventh year. Calling myself to action, in a way. But at the same time remembering that I am always going to be myself..but different versions. And I want the 27th version to be memorable. For how I really tried to make life more beautiful and ordered for myself and my family, and had a servants heart while doing it all for the greater glor