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hello from the other side

Well, there I go again not blogging for 6 or 7 months. Should I be surprised? I guess it's my style. I'll go with that. It also directly relates to when we gave up screens. Coincidence? We'll never know. And speaking of that, I will be writing a little post on that to fill you in on how it went. I meant to keep going strong with the updates, but again, when was I supposed to blog if my kids don't watch tv? Joking, sort of. And to kill the suspense we lasted about 5 months...I still count it as a success and contemplated changing the title of that post to "Why We Decided to Give Up Screens for 5 Months"...but I'm committed to being real over here I guess, and a little dose of humility can be good for a gal. But I have many thoughts on it all and will get that post going soon. I think one reason why I haven't blogged since that post was because I put a lot of pressure on myself, and I felt like I needed to only write about how that was going. So