the most beautiful place in the world

I was reflecting on something yesterday that has been welling up in my soul for a while now. I feel so lucky to live here on the prairies. It's so similar to where I grew up, just 3 hours west of here. I love turning in any direction and seeing sky. Mountains are beautiful, but the sky is an ever changing work. I think God speaks to me through the sky. 

In the fall Matt's dear grandpa passed away. His parents (Matt and Anna) moved here to Shaunavon, Sk from Denmark and he was raised on the homestead, and then my father in law was raised nearby that homestead. My husband grew up in this town and now our kids are. I love how deep those roots go. Grandpa Markus wrote a letter to his children and grandchildren and it was read at the funeral as the eulogy. I can't remember all of it, but one line stood out so starkly from the rest, that he always thought that God must have placed him in the most beautiful place in the world, and Grandpa, I have to agree. Thank you for walking so closely to God, the land, and your family. Missing you and Grandma Joyce! 


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