seven quick takes: first day of summer

Happy Summer!! I have been loving the blooms in the yard! Today I'm linking up with Kelly for the first time, I hope I do it right!

(7 Quick Takes is seven quick related or unrelated points or snapshots of your life lately...or so I've gathered? Then at the bottom there is a link up where people can access all the other blogs who are participating that day)


I have been contemplating a drastic change in our household. We are going to do NO TV FOR A YEAR. I know. I haven't decided the details yet, but I have been feeling that this is something we need to do. Some people are so good at setting limits for their kids. I am not one of those people. It has become a real struggle in my motherhood and makes me feel so guilty. When I think about what I want our life to be, it is not simple, slow, or real. Instead its complicated because it's always asked for, it is fast paced and noisy, and it robs of us of connecting. I will write a full post on this and I was thinking for the year I would do monthly updates or something. I don't know yet, but stay tuned. (Pun not intended.)


Branching from the above point, I would like to start reading more! I am falling embarrassingly short on my reading list so far. I am trying for 17 books in 2017 and so far I've read 3 books! The books were great, but it's already June..almost July! I have a few books on the go that should finish quickly but its going to take a concentrated effort. To see the books I've read you can go to the reading page at the top, if you like! 


We recently got a library card for the first time since living here, and I'm kicking myself for not doing it sooner! They are so great for ordering in books, and also have a great selection for a small town library. On Friday mornings they have a "kids corner" reading and craft time and the girls are a little young to sit very still through it, but it's an enjoyable outing nonetheless! It is attached to a museum that has an animal exhibit and both the girls have loved that as well. 


I read an intriguing blog post about growing out your eyebrows for a more natural look. I was thinking I wanted to try it, but then I remember that since having Emilia I haven't really touched my eyebrows. So it was a quicker outcome than I had thought! Ha. They were never really super shaped before, but it has been very freeing not plucking at all... I can tell they are fuller! I'm hoping they will start to fill in even more. I used to never let any hairs grow right under my brow shape, but now it's definitely more "natural". And then I fill them in a with powder to complete the that not natural? Good thing it doesn't really matter haha. I'd be interested if anyone has any eyebrow tips though! What do you do?? Here's a current picture. Maybe it isn't that noticeable to other people, but I can tell a difference! 


I have had puppy fever lately. I can't tell if it is because I actually really desire a puppy or if my baby is no longer a baby so I want something tiny to cuddle. But I have always been a dog person, so I think I do desire a puppy--one day! It's so hard to know when the right time is! Wait until kids are older and can help? Get it now so it can grow up with my babies?? It doesn't help that the breeder we hope to get our puppy from posts adorable pictures of the new puppies! These ones are available right now. How do people not buy puppies?? Someone hold me back.


My husband has decided that he would try making buns, so yesterday and today we have had fresh buns for breakfast. Not complaining!! Definitely a trend I hope continues! He loves and mornings are working on it. It's complicated. But buns help.


I have been trying to be more consistent with blogging lately. I'm hoping to join in these 'quick takes' every week. After reading this post about blogging by Haley Stewart a friend started a small mastermind group and it has been really great for swapping ideas and motivating each other. I'm looking forward to what is in store for this space. Even if it is just posting more regularly. I look forward to looking back on our times together because life has been flying by so fast and it is so nice to have a way to access my thoughts and memories! 

Have a beautiful weekend everyone!


  1. I loved this post Amanda! The TV thing is amazing!! I am so excited to hear how it goes.


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