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seven quick takes: first day of summer

Happy Summer!! I have been loving the blooms in the yard! Today I'm linking up with Kelly for the first time, I hope I do it right! (7 Quick Takes is seven quick related or unrelated points or snapshots of your life lately...or so I've gathered? Then at the bottom there is a link up where people can access all the other blogs who are participating that day) O N E I have been contemplating a drastic change in our household. We are going to do NO TV FOR A YEAR. I know. I haven't decided the details yet, but I have been feeling that this is something we need to do. Some people are so good at setting limits for their kids. I am not one of those people. It has become a real struggle in my motherhood and makes me feel so guilty. When I think about what I want our life to be, it is not simple, slow, or real. Instead its complicated because it's always asked for, it is fast paced and noisy, and it robs of us of connecting. I will write a full post on this and I w

the most beautiful place in the world

I was reflecting on something yesterday that has been welling up in my soul for a while now. I feel so lucky to live here on the prairies. It's so similar to where I grew up, just 3 hours west of here. I love turning in any direction and seeing sky. Mountains are beautiful, but the sky is an ever changing work. I think God speaks to me through the sky.  In the fall Matt's dear grandpa passed away. His parents (Matt and Anna) moved here to Shaunavon, Sk from Denmark and he was raised on the homestead, and then my father in law was raised nearby that homestead. My husband grew up in this town and now our kids are. I love how deep those roots go. Grandpa Markus wrote a letter to his children and grandchildren and it was read at the funeral as the eulogy. I can't remember all of it, but one line stood out so starkly from the rest, that he always thought that God must have placed him in the most beautiful place in the world, and Grandpa, I have to agree. Thank you for w

16 books in 2016

**posting so I can update my "reading" page to 2017** In 2015 I made a decision to be more intentional with reading, so I decided to try to read 15 books! I nearly succeeded, I was only about 20 pages short of my goal! Ha! Oh well. You can find that list here if you are interested:  15 Books in 2015 And without further ado, here is my 2016 list! I will add to the list as I go this year, rather than picking 16 books at the start. That way I can follow what I am feeling like reading at the time!  1. Simple Matters by Erin Boyle This was a life changing book for me. It really inspired me to take better care of our earth, and live more intentionally. To step off the consumerism hamster wheel. Since she lives in a 500 square foot apartment it made me realize I have a lot of space to work with! Beautiful photos and a quick read.  2. A Mothers Rule of Life by Holly Pierlot This is a book that I will probably read several times in my life. T