things anna's said lately

Starting to keep track of the funny or thoughtful things that Anna says. She is constantly making us crack up, or catches us off guard with the sweetest things.

Me: What kind of cereal do you want?
Anna: Tack Tickle Pop
Me: *stifling laughter* What kind?
Anna: Pop Tickle Crack
Me: *really stifling laughter* What kind?
Anna: Crack Tickle Pop
Me: *cry laughing*

Me: Anna, you are so beautiful
Anna: Yes I a sheep

While watching Moana a scene with her and her grandmother comes on. Anna looks up at me lovingly and says, "You're my grandma."

Trying to distract her so she will put on her pajamas
Me: Hey should we have another baby in our family one day?
Anna: *serious stare*  Mom. Hurry. We have to go to the hospital and get 3 babies, hurry! We have to go to the hospital to get 3 babies!

Giving Anna a hug
Me: Anna, I love you
Anna: I might pee

Me, trying to get Netflix to work: I'm sorry Anna, your show just isn't working
Anna: Jesus can fix it!
Me: Well, yes he could... *internet starts working again*

Me wearing some new patterned leggings
Anna: Mom are those new!?
Me: yes
Anna: I like them...I love them. I want to wear them when I was a mom!


  1. Hahahahaha those made me laugh! She is such a character. It's so sweet, you can tell how much you just love each other!


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