Nap Post

I don't have a plan for this post, I just know that my kids are both asleep and I feel like doing this before I get to the cleaning! I do really need to *actually* clean in this time as well, so I do want to keep this short haha. But just needed to break the silence before I accidentally go 6 months without writing a post! 

SO. Here is a small snippet of our life lately in a couple photos. The first one is nursing my (big) baby Mia. She is always bombarded by her sister, but she is a good sport! How she is over 10 months old is beyond me.

The second photo captures the classic unlatch-and-look-at-mom move. Melts my heart every time! Notice here that the couch cushions are's our current norm. Anna likes to play "snow" or "mountain" with them. It only slightly annoys me, but also makes me conscious of how often I like to sit on the couch, so maybe it's not a bad thing!!

The third picture is Anna playing "baby hospital". It is a little sad to play that you are taking care of poor sick babies, but at the same time maybe will encourage a merciful heart! Notice the medicine syringe haha! It's truthfully the only way I can convince her to play with dolls!! Maybe one day she will love dolls. She mostly loves animals, which is exactly like me as a child. It is cute. Wish I could get myself her a puppy!!!

1. Nursing Bombardment

2. Unlatch-and-look-at-mom

3. Baby hospital

Hope to write a Lenten post soon to update you on how I suck at Lent, but that it is teaching me lots of things! <3


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