from 'duty of the moment' to 'simple slow real'

My plant that I have kept alive since September!

It's time I gave an explanation to the name-change of my blog, friends!

Before I begin I would like to pay homage to the old name, Duty of the Moment. I truly loved that name! It encompassed my feelings perfectly for the time that I had it, and is hidden inside the meaning of the new name as well. It is something that is always relevant. However, the new name is a bit broader and more specific to my current aspirations- if it can be those two things at once, that is! Duty of the Moment was also coined by Catherine Doherty, so I always felt a little like I was borrowing it.

I can't really remember why I came to the decision to change the name, but I think it was because of an instagram account that I started. I wanted a separate space than my regular account to share these thoughts without bombarding people who don't care that much, just the people who were interested could follow along if they wanted. For the past couple years I have been chatting with friends, reading up on, listening to, and pondering the topics of simplifying and slowing down your life. It took a while, but these themes started to become second nature in my life. (Not to say that I have mastered them, just to say that it is in the forefront of my mind while doing other things-decorating, shopping, scheduling etc.) I found it also brought so much peace to our life, and we are still just beginning! I even experienced some drastic changes by simplifying areas of our material possessions! I want to go more in depth on the specifics in a future post. After this post I am planning to dedicate a post to each part (simple, slow, real) and go a little deeper into how they have each affected our life, and changes we have made toward each of them.

Back to how I came up with the name on my instagram... I couldn't tell you exactly! I just knew that I was on a mission to simplify and slow our life, but that I wanted it to be REAL. No perfect pictures, no perfectly white everything. Just what it looks life to live minimally but with what you already have. To be a good steward of the things that God gave, not just have so much stuff that it becomes disposable, or gets lost in the shuffle. A minimal lifestyle for people with budgets, or small children. I find it quite funny that the top minimalist experts are two middle aged men with no kids. I honestly thought a simple life was unattainable because all of the popular simple living people had literally picture perfect spaces, white couches, a lonely bamboo plant growing on a shelf... you get the (perfect) picture. So Simple Slow Real was born!! And I liked it so much that I changed my blog name to it as well. Because it encompasses, I believe, so much of God's will for his people. To clear away the excess and have time and space (physically, mentally, spiritually) for serving HIM. And when you "don't have time to pray" because of laundry and dishes and chaos...then it's time for a change. Which is how it happened for this kid.

More to come! I know I said that about writing a Lent post as well....haha. You know me, keep 'em guessing. My unofficial blog motto. When will she post? Tomorrow? Next week? In 6 months? ;)


  1. Your simplifying journey inspires me! I love following your Instagram and blog. It makes so much sense that when we simplify we have room to serve God! Love this post :)


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