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things anna's said lately

Starting to keep track of the funny or thoughtful things that Anna says. She is constantly making us crack up, or catches us off guard with the sweetest things. Me: What kind of cereal do you want? Anna: Tack Tickle Pop Me: * stifling laughter * What kind? Anna: Pop Tickle Crack Me: * really   stifling laughter * What kind? Anna: Crack Tickle Pop Me: * cry laughing * Me: Anna, you are so beautiful Anna: Yes I a sheep While watching Moana a scene with her and her grandmother comes on. Anna looks up at me lovingly and says, "You're my grandma." Trying to distract her so she will put on her pajamas Me: Hey should we have another baby in our family one day? Anna: * serious stare*   Mom. Hurry. We have to go to the hospital and get 3 babies, hurry! We have to go to the hospital to get 3 babies! Giving Anna a hug Me: Anna, I love you Anna: I might pee Me, trying to get Netflix to work: I'm sorry Anna, your show just isn'

from 'duty of the moment' to 'simple slow real'

My plant that I have kept alive since September! It's time I gave an explanation to the name-change of my blog, friends! Before I begin I would like to pay homage to the old name, Duty of the Moment. I truly loved that name! It encompassed my feelings perfectly for the time that I had it, and is hidden inside the meaning of the new name as well. It is something that is always relevant. However, the new name is a bit broader and  more specific to my current aspirations- if it can be those two things at once, that is! Duty of the Moment was also coined by Catherine Doherty, so I always felt a little like I was borrowing it. I can't really remember why I came to the decision to change the name, but I think it was because of an instagram account that I started. I wanted a separate space than my regular account to share these thoughts without bombarding people who don't care that much, just the people who were interested could follow along if they wanted. For the past

Nap Post

I don't have a plan for this post, I just know that my kids are both asleep and I feel like doing this before I get to the cleaning! I do really need to *actually* clean in this time as well, so I do want to keep this short haha. But just needed to break the silence before I accidentally go 6 months without writing a post!  SO. Here is a small snippet of our life lately in a couple photos. The first one is nursing my (big) baby Mia. She is always bombarded by her sister, but she is a good sport! How she is over 10 months old is beyond me. The second photo captures the classic unlatch-and-look-at-mom move. Melts my heart every time! Notice here that the couch cushions are's our current norm. Anna likes to play "snow" or "mountain" with them. It only slightly annoys me, but also makes me conscious of how often I like to sit on the couch, so maybe it's not a bad thing!! The third picture is Anna playing "baby hospital". It is