Anna and Emilia

Since this blog is a journal of our life, I had to write a little update on the girls. It's already two months since this photo, but it is one of my all time favourites.  They look so sweet in their matching Christmas dresses and brown eyes. 

Anna: My unbridled spirit. She has so much life in her little body! She never walks anywhere, always full speed ahead! She has always been that way, really, but I can see her starting to put that energy into focus. She is 2.5 now and is conversational, surprising us with new words every day. She makes us laugh so hard with the ideas she comes up with, or her goofiness. We recently potty trained her and she did so well, I was so proud! She had the usual accidents, but it's been a week and she has been keeping her bed dry and making it to the potty almost every time. Hopefully it will hold up with time!   

She is also able to go to play school in the fall if we feel she is ready. That seems so bizarre to me! That is a ways away yet, but I'm interested to see how it goes. She is a very confident kid when she is in her familiar places, but when we are out she sticks pretty close to Mama. She doesn't go to Sunday school on her own yet, so we'll see if she starts that soon.  If she starts play school and doesn't like it we can always pull her out and wait. 

Her favourite play right now is little animal toys. She is never caught without a little toy animal or dinosaur. She picks one and carries it around all day long. Yesterday she had 3 per hand. It was quite funny watching her try to do her everyday things without putting them down! 

Emilia: My sweet heart. She has alway been a very calm and sweet spirit. She really feels every emotion, I'm already realizing that she will challenge us in different ways than Anna. She knows what she wants! When she screams she can get to a decibel that Anna never has! We knew the first moment she cried after she was born! But she is always so quick to smile or snuggle her head into your shoulder! 

She is walking along furniture and keeps up with Anna pretty well. She still sleeps with me at night, but I'm not wishing her away just yet. Can't believe I'll be planning a first birthday in a few months! She loves bathing and crawling around to find random things for me to fish out of her mouth. 

She is the perfect addition to our family at this point, it's funny how that works, isn't it? 


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