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Hello 2017!

( More about this photo down below! )

It has been since September since I've tickled the keyboard over here! I'm not sure why. I guess things happen and compound and before you know it 6 months has passed!

For us the fall started with the girls being sick,  then myself getting a terrible cold, a dear Grandpa passing away, and then all of a sudden we were travelling for Christmas. They were spaced just so that I felt like I couldn't recover in between...or more likely that my house and responsibilities took a huge hit.

Then it was a brand new year! I feel that I am in a way better place right now than I was in the fall. It feels good to start fresh. I had so many New Years thoughts this January 1st. I'm still working on gathering them all into an actual game plan.

One thing I did was choose a word of the year. I did this the previous two years and have really benefited. It's a simple way to keep a focus. It's not closed away in a notebook, or on a forgotten list of goals- it's just one word that you can keep handy in your mind.

For 2015 my word was 'simplify' and then for 2016 it was 'simplify 2.0 and slow'. (I wasn't done with simplify yet! haha) Anyways, these words have changed my life the past two years in little ways that add up to big improvements...in our day to day life and our over all peace levels. Planning to unpack some of that on here, but if you want to read a bit about it I wrote this New Years post last year that shares some points!

The cool thing about choosing a focus word for the year is that you form habits and mindsets that don't go away after the year is over! So, the previous two years "words" have really paved the way for this years word choice! I have simplified and slowed down enough to subconsciously keep working on those habits and now I want to bring clarity to my life.



1. clearness or lucidity as to perception or understanding; freedom from indistinctness or ambiguity.

2. the state or quality of being clear or transparent to the eye

My goal this year is to wake up every morning knowing exactly what I plan to do, as compared to my usual waking up in a fog and fumbling to make a game plan and even just feed my family for the day.  Actually, the word fog is the perfect word for how I feel...I feel like my purpose and my intentions and my daily habits are swirling around in a foggy mist and I just want it to be cleared away. Still working out little plans with how I will do that, but if I am intentional I know clarity will come. Clarity, clarity. It's even a pretty sounding word!

And last year I picked a picture that visually summed up how I wanted the year to feel...which was pretty fun. SO I picked one for this year. The picture above is how I want my 2017 to feel- like I'm waking up with a plan and putting first things first...even if I am in my housecoat and super groggy!! I like the idea of starting at the table as well...it will encourage me to clean my kitchen the evening before, and encourage me to not fall asleep on the couch!

Feels good to be back here! Hope you like the new look, more on that to come!


  1. I always enjoy a new post from you, Amanda! I'm excited to hear more about the new look and name change!

    Sweet Spontaneity


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