Project Planning

The cool weather has set me in to such a creative and inspired state! Isn't winter such a time of recovery and rest, in a way? Not that it is winter yet, but the crisp air is making me itch to plan my inside projects. I can do things inside my home without feeling like I should be tending my garden. In the spring and summer my inside time is spent keeping up with the house because we spend so much time going out for walks, spending time in the yard, or travelling. Not a lot of time left over for craftiness. And now I just want to do everything right now! But I don't have the time, clean work space, or energy. So instead I will immortalize my ideas in this post, with a cup of tea, while my entire family has a Sunday afternoon nap. Ahhhh. So peaceful.

 Here are three projects I hope to get to this winter:

1. Crochet a throw blanket for our family. I made a blanket for Matt and I in the months leading up to our wedding. It was crocheted stripes in the style of a Hudson Bay Company point blanket. It's Matt's favourite to cuddle up with, but I'm getting kind of sick of it! We'll still keep it of course, but I'm really excited to add another. I find that most of the things I ever make are given away as gifts, so it's nice to work on something that you know you will keep and enjoy. So I bought the yarn yesterday! I was browsing a site (Knit Picks) and came across this yarn:

Matt was in the living room reading, so I asked him what colour throw blanket I should make if I were to make one. And he said green, and I said perfect!! This yarn is called Dublin and is 100% acrylic, so I hope I like it. It had mixed reviews on the site, but I'm feeling optimistic! I guess acrylic wears and washes well over the years, so thats a good selling point! I'll maybe make another post updating on how it is! 

2. I want to make a large quilt, or maybe a few small child sized quilts. Maybe even some doll quilts? Basically I want to make things with my sewing machine and fabric stash! I'm sure something will come to me, maybe for Christmas gifts, or maybe even for our own family. One project I have in mind is making a picnic/park blanket. A red and white one! In simple squares, maybe something like these: 

3. I have never learned how to knit. Well, actually maybe once when I was 8? But anyways, crochet was always what I went with. One needle instead of two, am I right? But it's time. I want to learn how, and so I am thinking a relatively simple and un-intimidating way to learn would be dish cloths. How pretty are these? 

Maybe if I can master the dishcloth by Christmas I could give some away. Plus they are small enough that if it turns into a disaster you can just unravel and start over. Right? So many options! 

Well, that concludes my second blog post today, haha. I hadn't intended on two, but they turned in to separate thoughts. Have a nice rest of your Sunday, friends! 


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