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Project Planning

The cool weather has set me in to such a creative and inspired state! Isn't winter such a time of recovery and rest, in a way? Not that it is winter yet, but the crisp air is making me itch to plan my inside projects. I can do things inside my home without feeling like I should be tending my garden. In the spring and summer my inside time is spent keeping up with the house because we spend so much time going out for walks, spending time in the yard, or travelling. Not a lot of time left over for craftiness. And now I just want to do everything right now! But I don't have the time, clean work space, or energy. So instead I will immortalize my ideas in this post, with a cup of tea, while my entire family has a Sunday afternoon nap. Ahhhh. So peaceful.  Here are three projects I hope to get to this winter: 1. Crochet a throw blanket for our family. I made a blanket for Matt and I in the months leading up to our wedding. It was crocheted stripes in the style of a Hudson Bay Com

Warm Fall Feelings

September already? There is something so refreshing with the changing of the seasons. We had an awesome bonfire last weekend. There were no mosquitos and all the kiddos played so well together in our yard, having so much fun in the hammock and playing with our electric lantern. Our patio lights made for a glowy and cozy feeling and I just felt so thankful for our family, the little piece of land in the town that I am growing so fond of, and my cuddly new-ish baby on my lap. I don't know if we will live here forever, but if we did I would be ok with that. Nobody knows the future, so I'm letting my roots grow. I want to be HERE while I am here, the only home my daughters have ever known. I am very attached to my little home, and it becomes more "us" all the time. I have been painting the exterior windows white, little by little. It feels so empowering to take on a task like that, one that I assumed I wouldn't have time for. But you find time. There are seasons in l