A short little blog post on towels... because it is something that I have spent maybe too much time pondering... silly or not I wanted to share my thoughts!

1. I have been collecting towels from second hand stores. You might know the ones, from grandparents or your great aunts house. They are bigger than a hand towel, but smaller than a regular towel and often in a pretty floral print. Those are the ones I go for anyways! The reason I like them so much is because they are the perfect size for kids! They aren't too bulky and dry quickly. Anna is starting to even dry herself with them. And to be honest, I have started using them myself! I find really large fluffy bath towels hard to handle for drying off, and these smaller ones much more efficient. But I know there will be mixed feelings about that. But for kids they are awesome! They are often in perfect condition because I'm guessing they were more of a decorative towel in their prime. A lot that I have found have tags that say they were made in Canada, which is nostalgic in a way!

2. Fabric softener. Totally unnecessary. Nothing worse than a towel that doesn't absorb water! I have noticed this over the years...they may feel soft and smell nice, but they don't seem to absorb water very well. Most likely due to being coated with the chemicals in fabric softener. I was doing a bit of reading and there is a chemical that softens the clothes/towels, and then a chemical to make them smell nice and mask the smell of the first chemical. Clothes and towels don't really need to have a smell, they just need to do their job. Which brings me to my next and final thought!

3. If by chance your towels start to get a smell, say if you forget them in the washer for too long or put them in the hamper in a big wet bundle for a few days or clean up toddler pee puddles frequently...then try this: 

-put your load in the washer on a hot water cycle with NO laundry detergent, and instead pour in 1 cup of vinegar and run it through the wash cycle (I did this for a medium sized load)

-then repeat step one, only this time put 1/2 cup of baking soda instead of vinegar 

-dry as normal

It works amazing!! My towels are now so fresh smelling and extra absorbent! It was a timely process, but I spent an entire day doing every single cloth, bath towel, kitchen towel, and dish cloth we owned! So worth the extra time it takes. 

So those are my thoughts on towels! I'm curious to know what you prefer and what works for you regarding this topic! 


  1. Yeah! No fabric softener for me. I actually like to use vinegar with some essential oils as my "fabric softener" with most loads.

    Sweet Spontaneity

    1. P.S. I usually like using lavender in the vinegar for sheets, citrus or an immune support blend (not using brand trademark names since this is the internet, but hopefully you know which one I mean!) with clothing and towels, and a purifying blend (same name thing here) if you need some heavy duty scent removing (aka toddler pee puddles)

    2. Hey! Thanks for commenting! I definitely will have to try some of your suggestions, and I know which ones you are referring to!! haha Mmmm lavender sheets sounds so nice!!


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