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A short little blog post on towels... because it is something that I have spent maybe too much time pondering... silly or not I wanted to share my thoughts! 1. I have been collecting towels from second hand stores. You might know the ones, from grandparents or your great aunts house. They are bigger than a hand towel, but smaller than a regular towel and often in a pretty floral print. Those are the ones I go for anyways! The reason I like them so much is because they are the perfect size for kids! They aren't too bulky and dry quickly. Anna is starting to even dry herself with them. And to be honest, I have started using them myself! I find really large fluffy bath towels hard to handle for drying off, and these smaller ones much more efficient. But I know there will be mixed feelings about that. But for kids they are awesome! They are often in perfect condition because I'm guessing they were more of a decorative towel in their prime. A lot that I have found have ta