Emilia May Nelson {part two}

So we decided to head to the city! That is where I left off in Part One.

We arrived in Swift Current around 1pm and things were still happening, but I knew that it probably wasn't intense enough yet to go to the hospital. Our first stop was Walmart. We walked around and browsed, pausing to get through a contraction and then carrying on with browsing. It probably wasn't very noticeable unless someone was really paying attention. Walmart is right by the Swift Current Mall, so we walked around there a bit as well. I'm not sure how long this was for, but we got bored and decided to drive across town and go thrift shopping. Matt always likes to check out the books and I browsed the little baby clothes to keep my motivation going! I didn't find anything for the babe, but I did find a nice t-shirt for Leander!

We then drove back to be closer to the hospital because they were continuing to get more intense and closer together. At around 4pm, my midwife, Maud, gave me a call to check in and asked when we were planning to come in to Swift Current. When she heard we were already there she offered that we could come to her clinic to be checked! Moment of truth! I was nervous that I wouldn't be very far along and it would be discouraging. So we drove to the clinic and I didn't even have a contraction while we were in there (of course!) and so she was seeming a little skeptical that it was the real thing! But when she checked me she said, "Amanda! You're 6cm!"  I was so happy!! She swept my membranes and then checked the baby, whose heart rate was a little fast. She thought maybe I wasn't staying hydrated enough, so she told us to go get something to eat and to drink lots of fluids. She said that the contractions would start coming harder because of the sweep, which was true. They were coming on a lot harder and closer together.

We went to Tim Hortons and I ordered soup and a sandwich, which surprisingly went down pretty good! I didn't have much of an appetite which is maybe why I was dehydrated in the first place. We went back to the mall to walk around a bit more, but it was getting a little awkward to be in public with such strong contractions. We went to Safeway and bought some watermelon pieces but I wanted to go to the car to eat them. It was getting quite uncomfortable to be sitting in the car (not to mention in public!) so we called Maud and she said we could go to the hospital.

We arrived at the hospital at 6:30 and the nurse checked me, I was 7cm. They set us up in the room with the tub and started filling it. I was so happy to have privacy to labour now! When the tub was filled I got in and it felt so nice and relaxing, it was very very warm! However, when Maud showed up a few minutes later she made me get out of the tub since the temperature alarm was not working and the tub was much to warm! Darn it! When the tub was down to the right temperature I got back in and tried my best to relax.

At this point there was Matt and I, Maud, Rostina (a Nurse Practioner in training) and our nurse. They were all talking a lot and laughing, which maybe could have been annoying, but for some reason I was in the type of mood that it really took my mind off of things! I was able to laugh along and it made time pass a bit quicker.

A little while later Maud told me that she would break my water at 9pm if I wanted. I agreed, since it got things going when she broke my water with Anna's labour. (I was labouring in the tub from about 7-9pm) So when 9pm came around they helped me out of the tub and onto the bed and Maud broke my water, which is always a weird sensation! She left the room for a moment, and so did the nurse. It was just Matt, Rostina, and I (and baby!) left in the room. Very very very shortly after the trained professionals left the room (no offence Rostina) I was rocked with a huge contraction. Way more intense and painful than any I had before that. I was squeezing Matt's hand pretty hard. Quickly following that one was another one. And then another the same, except for this time I had very strong urges to PUSH. This was all happening in a few short minutes! I told Matt and Rostina that I was pushing (involuntarily) and it was kind of panicky in the room for a minute! I was looking at Matt, and Matt was looking at Rostina and she was a little bit stunned! So she quickly got our nurse and Maud back in the room and they helped me back in to the tub amidst these really pushy contractions.

Not going to lie, I was a little bit panicked for a minute because I was so afraid that I would tear badly again. So I was asking Maud as I was being helped back to the tub, "Should I push, should I not push? What do you want me to do?!"  And she calmly told me not to worry and that she would walk me through it, which really calmed me down, since we had talked at our appointments that she would guide me so that I would be less likely to tear.

Meanwhile my doting husband was white as a ghost after the craziness and was saying that he thought he might faint! So the poor guy had to sit on the chair with his head between his legs and he was so embarrassed, especially when the nurse brought him a cup of water haha. It took a minute or two for him to regain himself and so while I'm asking if I should push or not I was also worried and asking Matt if he was ok! Haha. Poor Matt! It is quite comical in hindsight!

I'm not sure how many pushes it took, but Maud, Rostina, my nurse (I wish I remembered her name!), and Matt were so amazingly supportive and Maud told me exactly what to do. Which was simple, but it wasn't easy. But I did it! She was born in several well-paced pushes instead of one gigantic push when I had Anna..which is why I tore that time, but not this time! Well I guess I had a tiny tear but no stitches were required. Woo team!!

Our baby was born at 9:36pm on Wednesday, May 11. When the baby was born Maud lifted it out of the water and to her surprise the cord was around the neck, they hadn't noticed it when the head first came out. She unwrapped the cord and placed the baby on my chest. It wasn't crying or moving and was a bluish colour, which was very concerning to us...we saw that she was a girl, but we weren't sure what was going on with her. Maud quickly had Matt cut the cord and they rushed her across the room to the little examining incubator. About halfway across the room she let out a huuuuge cry, which was the most beautiful sound we could have hoped for in that moment!! Matt told me afterwards that he was thinking the worst, but when she was briefly on my chest he put his finger in her hand and she grabbed on to it tightly. Such a special moment and so reassuring!

She passed all of her little tests with flying colours, and was perfect and strong! She must have very very briefly had the oxygen cut off from the cord, but then started breathing air so it was all fine. (That's my best guess, no one really said much about it). They moved me from the tub to the bed and placed our baby girl on my chest..that is my favourite part! With both of my babies I had hoped to have delayed cord clamping and have the baby on my chest for a while but both of our little stinkers had the cord around their necks and needed to be checked very quickly after being born. Hopefully next time that won't be the case!! But thankfully both girls were fine and healthy.

After a little while of those first cuddles I kept looking at her and thinking of the couple girl names that we had in mind. She seemed to me the most like an Emilia. So I asked Matt what he thought and he agreed. (She was almost a little Rose, for those that are wondering!) (And had she been a surprise boy she would have been Nicholas!) But Emilia she was! And such a sweet sweet little one!

There is a lot of random details after this, like how we were put in a room with a light that wouldn't turn off, so they moved us to a much better room with our own tub! Or how Emilia cried and cried until 3am and we had to keep passing her back and forth. But I am going to skip to when Anna first met Emilia, to round off this post of Emilia joining our little family!

When Anna was just about to our room we rolled Emilia in her bassinet out to the nurses station so that Anna could come see us and cuddle with us alone for a few minutes. After we had a bit of time Matt went and got Emilia and brought her in. We told Anna that we had a new baby, her sister Emilia! Anna was so sweet and had the biggest smile on her face! We asked her if she wanted to bring her home with us and she nodded yes very seriously. We then asked if she wanted to hold Emilia and she was more than excited! I'll never forget her huge smile and loving looks at her new sister, it was so adorable!

So that wraps up Emilia's birth story! If you want to read Anna's here is part one and part two !

Have a lovely week! Here are some photos:

I have another shot of this with Anna's big smile, if I find it I'll switch it out!

Our new family!

A little preview for Emilia of what to expect when she gets home!


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