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Emilia May Nelson {part two}

So we decided to head to the city! That is where I left off in Part One. We arrived in Swift Current around 1pm and things were still happening, but I knew that it probably wasn't intense enough yet to go to the hospital. Our first stop was Walmart. We walked around and browsed, pausing to get through a contraction and then carrying on with browsing. It probably wasn't very noticeable unless someone was really paying attention. Walmart is right by the Swift Current Mall, so we walked around there a bit as well. I'm not sure how long this was for, but we got bored and decided to drive across town and go thrift shopping. Matt always likes to check out the books and I browsed the little baby clothes to keep my motivation going! I didn't find anything for the babe, but I did find a nice t-shirt for Leander! We then drove back to be closer to the hospital because they were continuing to get more intense and closer together. At around 4pm, my midwife, Maud, gave m