Emilia May Nelson {part one}

{I wanted to write this sooner so the details were a bit fresher, but here we are!}

I am going to start this birth story from her due date. May 4th, 2016. I had an appointment with my midwife at 1pm that I was really hoping to not need since I would hopefully be birthing or cuddling a tiny baby ASAP. But..it was not to be. For this appointment I didn't want to drive by myself and Matt had to work, so since I thought the baby was close (due to braxton hicks really picking up) we decided my mom would come take me and then stay, since we wanted her to watch Anna at home here when we went in to labour anyways. So we went to the very uneventful appointment, had McDonalds, and came home.

That was a Wednesday, and on Friday Brandi and Leander came down for the weekend. It was so nice to have them there to take my mind off things, and to help with meals and cleaning and Anna. By Monday I was starting to feel a little overwhelmed about the baby not coming yet and I think I started to get into my own head that the baby wasn't coming because of all the company! I was so conflicted because I love the visiting and I love the help, but since things were at a standstill we decided my Mom would go home for a few days (or however long!) and come back when we were in labour. My Mom is an amazing woman! She was working her butt off here and then she went home and baked me muffins and made freezer meals and basically turned around and came right back! But I'm getting ahead of myself here...

On Tuesday morning Brandi and Leander went home as well...which was a super tough decision since I wanted her there for the birth, but you just can't know when you will have a baby and she was away from home for a few days already, and Leander wasn't feeling the greatest. So, sadly, away they went!

Cue labour.

But seriously, LOL.

Tuesday was just our little family unit again and after Anna went to bed Matt and I decided to watch a movie (New Moon if you are wondering...LOL again). My regular braxton hicks started to feel different. I can't remember why they felt different, but I remember saying to Matt, "Hey I think these ones are different." So. We decided to turn off the werewolf vampire love triangle showdown and pack up a few things incase we had to leave in the night. Then we went right to bed to try to get as much sleep as possible. I was starting to feel a bit crampy and they were coming quite regular so I figured this must be the real deal now. We slept through the whole night, which was super nice! I'm glad we could wake up with Anna in the morning and have a bit of normalcy before the big changes.

Since they were still coming regularly, varying from about 6-15 minutes apart and lasting 30+ seconds, I decided to give Maud a call to cancel my 1:00pm appointment with her. She was cool with it. We decided since I was most likely in early labour it was pointless to rush to the appointment for her to tell me what we already knew, basically. We went about the morning and Matt decided to take the day off of work, which was easy since they were preparing for this day. We arranged for Annie to head over to hang out with Auntie Riss and the boys so we could go in to Swift Current. Definitely got a lump in my throat when saying bye to Anna. So many unknowns! It wasn't urgent, but since second labours can possibly go faster we wanted to make sure we were at least closer to the hospital. We packed up, dropped Anna off and drove in to Swift Current.

On the drive there I started to feel really anxious that it wasn't the real thing. This was silly of course since things were definitely happening, but I felt that we would get to the hospital and I wouldn't be dilated and then we'd have to come home and we'd be so tired and THEN real labour would happen. But my reasonable husband assured me that looking at the facts of the situation we totally were making the right decision to go in, since I couldn't really hold a conversation very well during a contraction (first clue that it's maybe real Amanda??)... Matt prayed and I felt much more peaceful about the situation. We listened to music (my choice, thanks Matt) and I picked songs I liked to sing to which was fun and relaxed me...I picked one song that made me emotional and miss Anna, but also excited for the new baby! (This song... still can't listen to it without tearing up, in a good way!)

I will end this right here for today and start 'part two' from when we arrive in the city...since all of it at once is tiring to write out! Stay tuned! :)


  1. I've been eagerly awaiting a new post -- just noticed this one. I thoroughly enjoy the reality that you include in your writings. Thanks for the nice little read, Amanda :)

    1. Thanks Anna, that means a lot! Thank you so much for reading!!


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