Baby Update!

40 weeks and 6 days today! And nothing more than some bouts of braxton hicks here and there. But it's all good! I had a day or two of feeling discouraged but have been feeling very positive in the last few days. It has to come sooner or later, so every day is necessarily one day closer! I think it isn't as hard to be overdue because the reality hasn't totally sunk in yet...I feel as though this pregnancy flew by so fast that even though I'm overdue my mind is subconsciously thinking that that can't be right and I must have more time left. Which I guess is it happening because I think that? Haha. I have gone through alllllll the theories as to why the baby isn't coming and it just comes down to the fact that there probably isn't a reason other than when the baby is ready to be born it will be born. I have a midwife appointment tomorrow so I am very interested to see what she says. She said she induces at 41 weeks 3 days, but that we would try some other things first. So maybe I'll check in here tomorrow so I can have it for my future reference! But just thought I would do a quick post! And here is another bump picture (also for my future reference!) 

It is snowing today, but the last week of waiting to have this baby has been SO beautiful! We managed to get all the leaves taken to the compost, and we got some nice old manure to add to our garden beds. Matt also helped his Dad add on to our deck, add privacy screens, and put up a railing which all turned out beautifully! We have gone on so many walks to the park and Anna had her first solo ice cream cone, and she did pretty well! I thought it would be quite a mess! Makes me look very forward to summertime! 

Hope you are all enjoying your week and hopefully the next post I write will be a birth story! In that case, my next post could be a while down the road with all the newborn-ness, but I will get to it eventually! If you think of it, say a prayer for me, and I will also keep you all in mine.


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