Spring that feels more like summer...springer? I'm digging it!

The wildflowers mentioned below are planted in this heart...I love this quirky flower bed! Hoping this will all be flourishing one day!

This morning Anna hadn't woken up yet, so I snuck out of the house to water my wildflower seeds before the morning sun got too hot. I felt a little bit like a farm girl going out to do the morning chores...except for that it was after 9am...and I finally woke Anna up after 10am... So much sacrificing going on over here. But, all joking aside, the chances of getting another late sleeper are slim! Not to mention the newborn stage, so I'm going to squeeze every drop out of these last few mornings hopefully!

Anna also loves watering...everything. Including herself! 

13 mornings left! Until the due date anyways! Where I am at right now is feeling very excited, but not wanting to rush anything. I am dying to meet this baby, I'm so curious! But I also know life is about to change in a big way, so I want to live in the moment. Which is how we should strive to live anyways, really. So that's what I'm doing! Also doing that because I don't want to think about labour yet...that can wait a few more days/weeks, it's cool.

My children! 38 weeks and 22 months

I've been trying to get in more pictures lately, even if they are blurry, I was there! 

As for other preparations for baby, I feel like I am in a really good place! My mom came a couple weeks ago and stayed for about a week and we powered through a lot of things that needed to be done. So I'm feeling ultra organized now and since she has left it has been in a really good place where it is easy to maintain on the daily. I had been doing little organizing and purging projects for the last few months and this just rounded that off so nicely before this new baby! My hospital bag is basically ready, clothes from newborn-3 months are all washed (girl and boy!), carseat is all washed and ready to be installed, and our room is set up for the baby to join the party whenever it so chooses! This is all so hard to believe! So very thankful for how everything has gone up until now with this pregnancy!

As for when I think it will come? I have no idea...although I don't think I'll be overdue? But that's because I had Anna right on time...but anything is possible! I have been having lots of braxton hicks and feeling a bit crampy here and there so who knows! That could go on for a while of course. Plus every pregnancy/going into labour is so different, so I think I'm just going to go with the flow. I guess I don't really have another choice than that anyways haha.

I will maybe share exclusive behind the scenes updates for you, my blog readers, as it gets closer to baby time! Or my speculations of what may be happening? That could be fun, since I would like to keep track of how it all goes down for future reference anyways! Stay tuned!!

Here's an inside scoop of the current front runner names: Rose and Nicholas. And as always with us, these are highly subject to change from day to day!

Have a blessed night/day my friends!

I love this picture because she is about to laugh...it's so genuine and so "Anna" to me !


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