Anna Lately: 22 Months

I might add more words tomorrow, but for right now I am going to do this in the form of a photo dump. Mostly for my future self to look back on and see how small and cute she was, since she is going to seem huge when the baby comes, but in reality, she will never ever be this young again!

This is Anna's annoyed with me face... It's still funny to me!

She is going to love her sibling! Love her rosy cheeks.

Starting to focus more on colouring and stickers.

Really loves her Uncle Lane!

Loves playing with her cousins, was asking for Reggie for days after we babysat him!

After every bath she has to have her "dress". 

Her face when you ask her to smile.

Started being obsessed with a soother. Had I known this would have happened I wouldn't have let her play with them! I had one in with her doll stuff. 

Loves dancing and watching herself in the mirror.

Watching a show with Dad, he's her favourite!

Nothing sweeter than a sleeping babe! 

She is really into pockets lately. She also loves her runners a lot! And is actually very fast...

Getting so big! She loves going to the park and can get on this swing herself.

I finally got around to making her a little quilt! Only took me 2 years... 

I'm not sure what I'm doing in this picture but it is the sweetest of Anna and Matt :)

Her hair is long enough for one ponytail now, I love it!

A genuine smile, she is a pretty happy kid :)

Loves spending time with Grandma, we left her overnight for the first time without one of us, it went really well!

Flower in the hair, she kept it in for quite a while!

She would be outside 24/7 if it was up to her! 

She can be so sweet. Love the doritos in her hand haha. 

Me being really happy with the RARE occurrence of Anna falling asleep on me!

Anna reading with Dad. She grabbed her book and sat on his lap and so he put his book down to read to her and she shook her head and handed him his book back. Just wanted to read with him!

That's everything for now. Just over 2 weeks left of just Anna. As much as I want the baby to be here I am planning to soak in these last few weeks. Life changes so fast!


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