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15 Books in 2015

***Made this into a post so that I can use the "What I'm Reading Page" for my 2016 list!***

I have decided to be intentional with reading books.

 If I have a list and a deadline I hope it will help me to get more into books than my iphone. If I have spare time I want to pick up a book rather than waste time scrolling through things that don't really matter much, and that I instantly forget about.

The books I have chosen so far are some I have read and loved, some new books that have struck my fancy, some that were recommended, and some classics that I have been meaning to read for years. (I'm looking at you Anne Shirley.)

Here they are in no particular order, and I'll cross them off as I go! Some of them are already started and read to varying degrees, so that will help. I didn't want to be too ambitious! So we'll see how this goes.  I will probably change my choices as I go, if some books come up that I am in the mood to read, or if I'm not feeli…


Spring that feels more like summer...springer? I'm digging it!

This morning Anna hadn't woken up yet, so I snuck out of the house to water my wildflower seeds before the morning sun got too hot. I felt a little bit like a farm girl going out to do the morning chores...except for that it was after 9am...and I finally woke Anna up after 10am... So much sacrificing going on over here. But, all joking aside, the chances of getting another late sleeper are slim! Not to mention the newborn stage, so I'm going to squeeze every drop out of these last few mornings hopefully!

13 mornings left! Until the due date anyways! Where I am at right now is feeling very excited, but not wanting to rush anything. I am dying to meet this baby, I'm so curious! But I also know life is about to change in a big way, so I want to live in the moment. Which is how we should strive to live anyways, really. So that's what I'm doing! Also doing that because I don't want to think about lab…

Anna Lately: 22 Months

I might add more words tomorrow, but for right now I am going to do this in the form of a photo dump. Mostly for my future self to look back on and see how small and cute she was, since she is going to seem huge when the baby comes, but in reality, she will never ever be this young again!