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Seeds: Flower Edition

I ordered my seeds yesterday! Made me so excited. I may have went a little over budget, buuuuut whatever I don't use I can use next year, as I plan to *ahem* plant a small, manageable garden for our current life happenings. And some of the seeds I bought are ones that will come back every year, so really it was an investment in eating healthy and local, and also contributing to the beautification of our yard for years to come. Since I am probably most excited about the flowers than anything else I wanted to share what I decided on! These are all actual pictures of the seeds I ordered from West Coast Seeds , so I put some links....this is not a sponsored post...hahaha. But you knew that. Just want to share a good thing! Enjoy :) Indian Spring Hollyhocks Assortment These hollyhocks  are super hardy and grow really tall and come back every year. I have the odd one in my yard that volunteers every year and they bloom from spring all the way until fall. I'm planning to add th