Lent and Clover

Wow, already two weeks into Lent! So far so good, for the most part. Things haven't gone perfectly, but I've had the mindset this year that Lent is to make you better and more faithful, not to be legalistic or scrutinize your own every move. I still feel lent-y, but I haven't been getting discouraged which works out much better for the end goal of making improvements in myself and in my life that will bring me closer to Christ and living more fully my purpose here.

{That first paragraph has been sitting in drafts for 3 days now...had a few rough nights with Anna, but she is napping now and I am sooooaaaking it up!}

So this post was going to be a bit about Lent, but now I am having no recollection at all about what I was planning to write...so basically I think the first paragraph sums it up just fine enough! Probably would have been boring to read anyways haha.

Instead I will talk about random things, like how I got my seed catalogue in the mail and I feel like an old lady because I was SO excited! (West Coast Seeds) I can't wait to pick out my seeeeeds! Which is funny since baby and planting time kind of clash but we will deal with that when it comes...right now I am riding a gardening high and I'm sticking to it. Also I have realized that I think I like landscape gardening...maybe more than vegetable gardening?? I want to buy a million packs of different kinds of flowers and I have plans of where I want each kind to be in my yard. I'm also secretly planning to plant clover in my front lawn....is that so opposite of what normal people do? Don't they try to get rid of clover?? But in clovers defense (we already have a bit) you don't have to water it much OR cut it much and it stays such a pretty green (unlike our neglected grass...the hose doesn't reach good...that's my excuse....)  and also clover is such a soft blanket of little sweet flowers, and good for our friends the bees! I heart bees. But not stepping on them, which is why operation clover is happening on the front lawn only. I can envision also telling kids to go search for 4 leaf clovers which sounds like a nice break activity. It also makes your yard look like an enchanted forest. Ok maybe I'm getting carried away here. Moving on.

Am I right?? So enchanting. 

For other garden projects I have a random bit of space in my front yard that used to be a kind of landscape garden but now is mostly bare since I moved some things around, and I was thinking of converting it to a sunflower and pumpkin patch..It's the only place where I would have space for pumpkins, but I'll have to research if it will get enough sunshine... as for other vegetables I have two 4x4 foot raised garden beds in the back yard where I want to plant some more veggies. I want to do carrots, peas, onions, potatoes, beans, and maybe in the other box have a "salad garden" spinach, lettuce, kale, and some herbs... we'll see!

Preparing the soil!

Anna watering the garden, these are the 2 raised beds I mentioned.

More watering...

Spinach, kale, and lettuce salad! Yum!

Back behind Anna is where I mentioned I may put pumpkins and sunflowers.

There are just so many options! But I have to remember that I don't want to waste food, so I need to be realistic with what I plant, because harvesting is no joke...it can be very time consuming, and also trying to pick everything in its prime can be a challenge (for me, maybe not for others!)

Only time will tell if any of that will happen! I need to focus on my current projects of simplifying our home rather than the future projects. I'm just so excited for everything to come! I want to pack my hospital bag, but 10 weeks early is maybe a little bit too eager? It's just so much fun, the anticipation and the tiny cute outfits! I'm so curious if I will have a boy or a girl. I was telling some friends that we would be SO surprised if it is a boy. Of course it would be a welcome surprise, but we just really feel like it's a girl!

With all this baby talk I couldn't pass up sneaking in a baby Anna pic!

On that note, I think I will wrap this up! I want to go to bed early just in case there is another 2am party in Anna's room. Happy Weekend!


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