Anna Lately: 20 Months

Bed head

I wanted to make a quick post of what Anna is like right now, because I realize she is changing SO fast! So here is Anna at 20 months:

- when she wakes up in the morning we are greeted by "mo-nin! mo-nin!" (Morning!) It is so sweet.

- some of her words right now that I think are cute are: "nother one" , "tay-too" (thank you), "yo-dote" (yogurt), and "appy" (apple)

-sometimes at night or when she is supposed to be napping we will hear noise and upon investigation she is sitting in her closet with the closet curtain closed, just hanging out.

- she is obsessed with socks and wants a "nother one" (new pair of socks) on several times a day

- also loves gloves and toques

- when she wakes up from her nap she calls "Anna! Anna! Anna!" from her room until I come let her out

-still "needs" a bottle at night, we are planning to do something about that asap!

- loves babies, puppies, and kitties and loves to "baby talk" to them

-freaks out if I hold another baby or kid (uh oh...)

- had her first hair cut this week, February 3rd! I cut her bangs myself...I think they are cute! Although definitely not professional! Good thing her hair has a bit of curl or else they would be more telling of my lack of hair cutting skills

- adds a -y to the end of = appy, hat = hatty, bib = bibby, sock = socky, etc....

- loves bathing and is a total crazy person and gets the whole bathroom soaked

- loves to jump off furniture

-still not super into watching shows

- when she baby talks she says over and over, "da baby, da baby, da baby!" in a deep kind of baby talk funny.

Well thats all I can really think of off the top of my head, but I'll maybe add a few more if I think of it this week. Glad I am starting to keep track somewhere, I wish that I had more written down from the first 19 months of her life to remember!!

And some photos:

Swimming with Mommy and Grandma Jo

Admiring her sweet self


Entertaining herself, and random soother sucking

Hugging her bff Leya

Hope you had a good weekend everyone! Here's to another week, hopefully more productive than the last :)


  1. So sweet! It's nice to capture these memories in a place that you can share with others in your life!

    Side note: I have a group on Bloglovin' titled "IRL" (In Real Life) for the few people I actually know with their own blogs that I always check first and your consistency with posting lately has given me something to read each time :)

    Sweet Spontaneity

    1. Thanks so much, this really encourages me to keep on writing! I LOVE when people I know write posts, great idea to have a separate group to check! I am enjoying your blog as well!


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