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Lent and Clover

Wow, already two weeks into Lent! So far so good, for the most part. Things haven't gone perfectly, but I've had the mindset this year that Lent is to make you better and more faithful, not to be legalistic or scrutinize your own every move. I still feel lent-y, but I haven't been getting discouraged which works out much better for the end goal of making improvements in myself and in my life that will bring me closer to Christ and living more fully my purpose here. {That first paragraph has been sitting in drafts for 3 days now...had a few rough nights with Anna, but she is napping now and I am sooooaaaking it up!} So this post was going to be a bit about Lent, but now I am having no recollection at all about what I was planning to basically I think the first paragraph sums it up just fine enough! Probably would have been boring to read anyways haha. Instead I will talk about random things, like how I got my seed catalogue in the mail and I feel like an old

Anna Lately: 20 Months

Bed head I wanted to make a quick post of what Anna is like right now, because I realize she is changing SO fast! So here is Anna at 20 months: - when she wakes up in the morning we are greeted by "mo-nin! mo-nin!" (Morning!) It is so sweet. - some of her words right now that I think are cute are: "nother one" , "tay-too" (thank you), "yo-dote" (yogurt), and "appy" (apple) -sometimes at night or when she is supposed to be napping we will hear noise and upon investigation she is sitting in her closet with the closet curtain closed, just hanging out. - she is obsessed with socks and wants a "nother one" (new pair of socks) on several times a day - also loves gloves and toques - when she wakes up from her nap she calls "Anna! Anna! Anna!" from her room until I come let her out -still "needs" a bottle at night, we are planning to do something about that asap! - loves babies, puppies, and k