Spring Fever

The weather lately has been putting me into the most spring-like mood! It has been very mild and the birds have been chirping away like crazy. I hadn't really noticed the absence of chirping birds until they made themselves known this week with the change in the weather. With having a lot of trees in our yard and our house being older and having wooden windows, it makes it very easy to hear them. Which I realized puts me in the most wonderful mood! Although it's a bit of a tease because now I feel like I should be having my baby any day...oh well, only 3 months to go! And I really need em to prepare!

Anyways, over all it has been an optimistic week, despite not really accomplishing much. Until this Sunday afternoon I guess. I tackled a few of the organizing tasks on my list. We also managed to get out for a walk today, which always does wonders for my mood and my inspiration. It's probably one of the best times for conversation for Matt and I. We always inspire each other and talk about things we want to do, goals we want to meet, etc. Dream talk! I love it. And I know the fresh air is so good for us. Hoping to get out again this week!

That is all I really have to say for today, but before I go I wanted to add a new blog that I found that has been inspiring! It is called A Cup of Jo. The thing that I have been loving on her blog is that she posts house tours, mostly people she is friends with. They all live in big cities so a lot of the spaces are smallish apartments, some even around 500 square feet! She also sort of interviews them, so you can read how they make it work and where they got their inspiration from. It has been very helpful and inspiring when I am thinking about how I want our own space to be, and our 750ish square feet doesn't seem so small. Plus I don't have to cart all of our laundry to a laundromat. Definitely counting my blessings! Also we have a yard. It has really changed my perspective and I can't wait to keep on simplifying and beautifying our home!

Have a great week!

Here are a few of the tours I loved:

14 Genius Tips for Living in Small Spaces (500 square feet, same couple but now with a baby!)

Brooklyn Apartment Tour  (3 kids in small 2 bedroom apartment) 

And lastly, the bloggers own beautiful apartment:

Hope you enjoyed!


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