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If the feelings of the photo above could be a year, that's what I want my 2016 to be like. Minus dog, plus babies.

There's this thing where you pick a word for the year, and focus on that word. I like the idea of it, the fact that it gives me something to focus on or work towards. Last year my word was simplify. Simplifying everything from my schedule to my belongings and everything in between. It's crazy how fast a year goes, I remember thinking about this around February last year and it seems bizarre that that was almost one full year ago! And since it went so fast, I am not quite ready to change my word. So this year I am choosing two words, but it's ok because there are no rules. And they go together anyways.

So this year it is:

Simplify 2.0



I am excited about this one you guys! It has been calling my name. The theme came up in a few really great books I read this year, and in those books the 'slow' part mostly pertained to food. Slow food. There is an actual slow food movement! It's getting back to how it was meant to be, really, how God meant it to be. We North Americans kind of stink at it. Slow food is food that was cared for when it was in the ground, the time taken to grow it yourself even, or finding local providers of organic foods (easier in some locations than others). Basically saying no to $$$$ driven big companies who care little for the land, the animals, the workers in their care, and the nutritional outcome of their product...but that is a whoooole 'nother topic for another day. Back to my point, I want to slow down how we think about eating and food in our life. Making meal times an important part of our day, spending more time at the table enjoying each others company. And taking the time to prepare healthy, delicious meals that can be enjoyed. Did you know that the French spend twice as much time preparing and eating food than we do in North America, and yet they eat less, are healthier, and spend more time together as a family? I find that so intriguing. I want that for my family. So that's how 'slow' pertains to this one aspect. (Highly recommend 'French Kids Eat Everything' by Karen Le Billon, so eye opening in so many ways!) Mac and cheese has it's place FOR SURE, but I want to hold myself to a higher standard this year. Way too much cheese whiz and cereal (not together) were consumed last year trying to pass as "supper".

Anna loved helping with the garden so much last year, I can't wait for our garden this year! I will have enough lettuce seeds for a whole row unlike that sad row of lettuce haha. 

In other aspects, I want to take my time with Anna and really go about the day with her at her pace. Taking the time to be present with her and slow down. I don't need to plan an activity with her and then rush to do supper or laundry. We can do those things together! And if it takes me twice as long it's ok! Because Anna would rather do that with me anyways than a quick game of whatever and then be abandoned for other duties. We also will be welcoming another little human into our family in May and I want to take it slow. Take time to heal and adjust and just be together. Really go easy on our family, keep outings and expectations to a minimum.

My girl, getting so big!

And to continue with simplifying we are really trying to clear our house of clutter. It's a slow process, but it is starting to really come together. It is looking like we will be in our home for a while, so I want it to be clutter free and peaceful. Little houses don't need to feel cramped! There is also a lot less cleaning and tidying when you have way less stuff. I hate stuff. I am very inspired in this aspect so I am hoping I can use all of my New-Year gusto to really accomplish a lot before it runs out, and before I am in the third trimester and it's harder to move about.

Those are my thoughts for now, here's to a simple and slow 2016!

Here is a photo snippet of our year last year:


  1. This: "Taking the time to be present with her and slow down."


    I have said "no" to a lot of things outside of our family over the years, in order to say "yes" to my daughters/our family, and I have never regretted it. Building a culture of love within your own family is the most important starting point, the best of evangelization and service to God.

    Here's to homemade mac-and-cheese! :)


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