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Spring Fever

The weather lately has been putting me into the most spring-like mood! It has been very mild and the birds have been chirping away like crazy. I hadn't really noticed the absence of chirping birds until they made themselves known this week with the change in the weather. With having a lot of trees in our yard and our house being older and having wooden windows, it makes it very easy to hear them. Which I realized puts me in the most wonderful mood! Although it's a bit of a tease because now I feel like I should be having my baby any day...oh well, only 3 months to go! And I really need em to prepare! Anyways, over all it has been an optimistic week, despite not really accomplishing much. Until this Sunday afternoon I guess. I tackled a few of the organizing tasks on my list. We also managed to get out for a walk today, which always does wonders for my mood and my inspiration. It's probably one of the best times for conversation for Matt and I. We always inspire each other

What's Working

So, January started off really really good but then I got a pretty decent head/chest cold, so it took a little bit to bounce back from that. Finally I was feeling ready to get back at it this week on non-everyday chores and organizing projects but I got the stomach flu! Luckily it was just a 12 hour deal but now two days later my "puking muscles" are so sore. But I've been managing to maintain a semi-functional household! (I also had a lot of help the day I was sick!! My step-dad was working close by and was able to take the afternoon off to come give me a hand, and Matt had a first aid course and was done by 3! Don't know how I would have managed!) But now, after having down time where I was wishing I could do more, I can! I made a new "page" on my blog called "Decluttering Life" and I am slowly working away at it. I explain it more on that page, so you can check it out if you want. I have to admit I was feeling pretty discouraged earlier in t

2 0 1 6

If the feelings of the photo above could be a year, that's what I want my 2016 to be like. Minus dog, plus babies. There's this thing where you pick a word for the year, and focus on that word. I like the idea of it, the fact that it gives me something to focus on or work towards. Last year my word was simplify. Simplifying everything from my schedule to my belongings and everything in between. It's crazy how fast a year goes, I remember thinking about this around February last year and it seems bizarre that that was almost one full year ago! And since it went so fast, I am not quite ready to change my word. So this year I am choosing two words, but it's ok because there are no rules. And they go together anyways. So this year it is: Simplify 2.0 and S L O W I am excited about this one you guys! It has been calling my name. The theme came up in a few really great books I read this year, and in those books the 'slow' part mostly pertained to food.

A Quick Christmas '15 Recap

Starting off the New Year right with a blog post! Just wanted to write a few notes about our crazy December of family and Christmas and food and very little sleep. It was so awesome. Although I'm super glad that January is starting off quiet after such a lovely full month of togetherness! We started the holidays with a visit to my family in AB. We drove to Calgary and had a great (and too short!) visit with Riane and Sean, and Sharon and Jacob before going to my brothers hockey game. It was so fun seeing him play, and we got to visit with a lot of family as well. My Dad was off work for a day or two and I'm so glad we got to see him! We also had a really great visit with most of the Olson side at my grandmas, so many little great grandkids for Grandma O! The rest of the time was spent at my families house where we had our Christmas morning and family Christmas dinner, followed by a quiet week of games and naps and quality time. It was especially nice to have lots of time with