Life With 2 Babes!

Without further ado, meet our new little baby! Or a picture at least. This was for my dating ultrasound, which puts the due date at May 4th. We are so excited. We will even know soon if it is a boy or a girl! With Anna we didn't want to find out, and I was even really content with the waiting, but this time we both wanted to. In fact, I am going a little crazy with the waiting to find out!! Mostly this will help us have a solid few months to figure out a boy name if it happens to be a little man cub. Seriously struggling in the boy name department. I also keep thinking of the baby as a girl, maybe just out of habit, so it will be nice to know! 

I'm currently 19 weeks and starting to have a noticeable bump. Maybe not big enough for a stranger to approach me and ask me when I'm due, but friends and family can tell! Or maybe they can tell because they know? Who knows!

Don't mind my dirty shirt! It has flour on it from BAKING! I don't even feel like I am bragging because it is such a rarity. But now that I am well into my second trimester I have been having a lot more energy and motivation to do fulfilling things. SO I'm hoping the trend keeps up, at least until we enter in to the new born stage with #2! 

I feel as though going from one baby to two won't be as difficult as going from zero to one. My life before kids was never really organized and so I feel like adding a baby to the chaos was really hard at first because it pushed me more underwater with life and housekeeping, and, well everything. But then finally things started looking up and now that I have Anna keeping me super busy I have less time to procrastinate, if that makes sense? So I am actually more organized in my house and life than I was before having her. So adding this new baby will definitely be more chaotic in some (many) ways, but at least I won't be a total newbie mom this time around, and I'm hoping I will bounce back fairly quickly! I will probably read this back and laugh, along with you moms of more than one child who are probably laughing right now...but it's a small theory I have of myself and so maybe typing it out will even motivate me to help make it happen. Baby permitting. You never know the circumstances you may be dealt, Anna was a fairly "easy" baby, as they say, so I am a little nervous that I won't be so lucky twice, but you never know. Whatever God wants, after all, He just wants me to have an easy life and be comfortable  He know's what's best for me!

Speaking of Anna, she is growing and changing before my eyes! She is 18 months this month and so smart and funny. My love for her grows every day, and I just want to soak in these last few months of us and our one on one time. Her favourite things right now are anything to do with helping me, whether it's cooking, cleaning, or doing my make up! She just wants to be right in there doing what I'm doing, it's amazing how much they pick up at this age. She loves horses and dogs and loves watching videos of them on youtube. She is also very sweet with her baby dolls, I think she is going to be a great big sister when the time comes. She is fiercely independent and can be really goofy at time as well. I hope she never loses her confidence and her happy spirit! 

And lastly, a picture of coffee in my favourite Christmas mug(s). I have never been much of a coffee drinker, especially in the sense of needing it, but a little cup in the afternoon has been a real treat and helps give me a little boost! I've so been enjoying sitting down while Anna has her glorious naps and sipping the still-hot coffee. A luxury that may not be afforded to me with two kids! Or if she happens to give up her nap before the baby comes, which..let's not even go there. Taking care of a crazy little girl while growing another potentially energetic child can be tiring. I'm very thankful for these moments, truly.

Glad to be back here and hoping once we get some computer issues worked out I will blog more often than my average once-a-month (if that). Good night!


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