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Life With 2 Babes!

Without further ado, meet our new little baby! Or a picture at least. This was for my dating ultrasound, which puts the due date at May 4th. We are so excited. We will even know soon if it is a boy or a girl! With Anna we didn't want to find out, and I was even really content with the waiting, but this time we both wanted to. In fact, I am going a little crazy with the waiting to find out!! Mostly this will help us have a solid few months to figure out a boy name if it happens to be a little man cub. Seriously struggling in the boy name department. I also keep thinking of the baby as a girl, maybe just out of habit, so it will be nice to know!  I'm currently 19 weeks and starting to have a noticeable bump. Maybe not big enough for a stranger to approach me and ask me when I'm due, but friends and family can tell! Or maybe they can tell because they know? Who knows! Don't mind my dirty shirt! It has flour on it from BAKING! I don't even f