Baby Names

I know what you might be thinking, but no, I am not pregnant. I just have a obsession fascination with baby names... it is something I am always always game to talk about and something that Matt is never game to talk about... ok, that's not totally true. He is game when I am about 39.5 weeks pregnant. So there's that. I even have a baby name book (60,000+ names) for quick referencing, so if I think of a name I can highlight it or find out the name meaning. 

These are some names that I like lately, and they are always subject to change because I am always having different feelings towards them or finding new wonderful names that I love... But as for right now, here they are:  

Rose: I love this name. I really like that we could call her Rosie as well. It is a sweet, and old fashioned name. Bonus points for being in Titanic. 

Juliet: I don't really know what is drawing me to this name. It just sounds pretty to me, and I love that it is Italian.The downside is that people might ask her where Romeo is...

Bethany: This name is a recent addition to my favourite names, I really love how it sounds. It means disciple of God, which I think is neat. Plus I like that it can be shortened to Beth. 

Maren: Love that this name is a variation of Mary. And as you may have noticed I like names that can have nicknames or be shortened. Mare... Marey... Really love it. 

Aaaaaaand as for boy names... I really have nothing. We probably just have to have a bunch of girls I guess. If I think of some good boy names maybe I'll write a post. 

Hopefully this wasn't too boring, but I like to document random things like this. K bye. 


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