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The NOPE Jar and Anne of Green YES PLEASE

"Anna reading a book" or "A rare moment of sitting still" ****Book List Update**** (Mainly for myself since it is probably yawn worthy to anyone other than me and my sister...) I started The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath which I mentioned in the last post and I have to say, I wasn't into it. I was trying and trying to push through for the sake of crossing a book off my list but not. worth. it. I then was trying to remember where the recommendation had come from and realized it was from a 20 books to read if you are in your 20's and a girl and blah blah blah... quick synopsis: girl goes off to college and starts to lose her mind and it all goes down hill from there. I am in no way saying that mental health is not an important topic to be explored or educated in, but it was not really the means to do that for me. It was a downer and just kind of plain weird. SO, what to read now? The total opposite: Anne of Green Gables. I'm biting the (uplifting and