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{I accidentally deleted this from a while back, so this is a repost} I don't know who Epicurus is but I really needed to hear these words today, and lately actually. This is so true. I'm married, have a baby and have my own house. These are seriously things that I only hoped for, longed for, and dreamt about. When I was engaged I wanted to be married, when I was married I wanted a baby, and when I was pregnant with my daughter Anna I dreamt of when we would have a real actual house. And now I have all those things and what do I want? Nicer things. A better house. Sorry God this one isn't good enough.  Seriously??? Check yourself girl!! Today I want to enjoy all of the beautiful gifts that I have received by the sweet grace of God, that are not perfect when held to some worldly standards, but are perfect for me right now. And seriously luxurious when held to the standard of life that some people the world over are making do with. How can I complain or wish away