In Which I Actually Write a Post

It is late on a Thursday night and I am waiting for Matt to come home from a hockey game, and there are many things I should be doing...actually there is only one thing I should be doing (sleeping)...but I have decided that I must write a post. I haven't been writing because I have been waiting to do June-December of my 2014 recap, but it just ain't happening. Well it sort of is, I have a draft started...but I have no gusto in me to finish it...but if I finish it I'll slip it in! 

I also want to say that my husband has a bacon cheeseburger and fries for me...he'll get here around 1:00 am and I am still undecided if I should eat it or not...I'll update you tomorrow on that. Or I might not if I'm to embarrassed.

So here are a few photos of the happenings in our life lately:

Anna fell asleep very shortly after this photo.

Anna nonchalantly sitting on her toy car...the girl has very good balance!

Hanging out with her friend Mineko! My friend Beth from home came and stayed with us for a few days and it was the best. Chatting, playing dice, baking bread, sharing our favourite shows! It was just what I needed, so thankful for kindred spirits! I'm also holding Anna's hands down for safety.

We took Anna swimming for the first time, she really loved it!

We were actually ready to leave before she was!

We had a touch of nice* winter weather! Still requires a snowsuit, but it beat being inside all day!

Saying Happy Birthday to Uncle Lane...In her defense teething is no walk in the park! 
She has her two bottom teeth (since December) and is working on her second top tooth. Everyday for the last so many daaaaaaays. Dark days.

Welp, it's 1:01, I'm hoping my burger husband will be here soon! I'm regretting not going to bed...oh well, if I had went to bed I wouldn't have got past my bloggers block.



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