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In Which I Actually Write a Post

It is late on a Thursday night and I am waiting for Matt to come home from a hockey game, and there are many things I should be doing...actually there is only one thing I should be doing (sleeping)...but I have decided that I must write a post. I haven't been writing because I have been waiting to do June-December of my 2014 recap, but it just ain't happening. Well it sort of is, I have a draft started...but I have no gusto in me to finish it...but if I finish it I'll slip it in!  I also want to say that my husband has a bacon cheeseburger and fries for me...he'll get here around 1:00 am and I am still undecided if I should eat it or not...I'll update you tomorrow on that. Or I might not if I'm to embarrassed. So here are a few photos of the happenings in our life lately: Anna fell asleep very shortly after this photo. Anna nonchalantly sitting on her toy car...the girl has very good balance! Hanging out with her fr