So Long 2014!

So it's been a while. Consider it getting to know me a bit better... but I do believe we can change our ways, so I'm hoping to be more consistent around here! Call it a resolution if you must. 

So I guess now that it is 2015 I'll do a quick recap of my last year for your viewing pleasure, it's a doozie. 


 I finished up my job as a Personal Support Worker at a ritzy retirement home in Toronto. I do miss it. Such lovely staff and a great working environment, plus the (usually) sweet elderly. Dreamy. (Not being sarcastic for those who don't know me, I did love it!) Shortly after my last shift my Grandma, Mom, and sister came to help us pack up our apartment. Who knew you could pack so many things into such a small apartment? My Grandma and Mom are masters of organization thankfully and had it all under control with lots of help from Brandi and I of course (just don't verify that last bit...). A going away party was thrown in our honour and we said our sad goodbyes to all of our wonderful friends...I'm serious, I don't think you could find a better group of people to serve as our family while we were away! We had a very close call with our moving truck almost not coming in time for us to catch our plane, but we made it without Matt having to toss Grandma over his shoulder and run through the airport. Cue January photos:

My January baby bump in our apartment elevator...

hours were spent in that elevator. HOURS.

The baby causing the bump!

Some very thoughtful decor and people at our going away party!

Our very first house, and Matt posing by my request in front of the SOLD sign.


We arrived in February and our moving truck did not...miscommunication, or so they said...don't want to talk about that...anywho. We got by with a few borrowed items and lots of dinners with different family in was fun! My Mom spent many an hour painting and helping get our house ready for our things, it was such a blessing and a huge help!! Thanks Mom! (personal shout out since she is probably my only reader). Even without the truck we still could unpack our wedding gifts finally! Woo! 


The moving truck arrives!!!

A beautiful sight.

And a boxwood wreath was purchased for the door.


Can't really remember...I guess just getting the house put together and growing that babe!

April? Looks awfully sunny...just go with it. 


Continuing to expand and prepare for this baby. Very excited. Had to go for an extra ultra sound because the baby was measuring small, but it turned out to be nothing. Small still, but healthy and strong! Both of our birthdays are in May, I turned 23 and Matt, 30, woo! May ended with the beautiful wedding of Matt's brother Brandon and our now sister in law Peggy. 

First bonfire in our yard.

The garden Matt planted while I burned my legs to the third degree.

Thirty years of Matt!

A photo from the wedding...still growing.

A close practically-family friend Hannah with our yet-to-be-borns.

Our calm living room before the baby storm, complete with an exercise ball. 
Bring on the contractions!

To be continued... 

****Spoiler Alert****

I have a baby!!


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