A Child is Born! {Part One}

June! The most anticipated month of our year. So many unknowns. We were so excited, me a bit nervous, since it was my first rodeo, but I felt confident in the preparing I had done and placed it into God's hands. Bring. It. On.

There were a few different due dates being tossed around, but we had been going with June 15th, and the morning of June 15th I woke up thinking, "Ya, this baby isn't coming anytime soon." The reason being, I felt really awesome. I thought for sure I needed to be feeling like I wanted that baby OUT before it would happen, so I was thinking I'd go a week or two longer.

It was Sunday so we went to Mass and a few people came up to me with excited nudges or it's-your-due-date!'s. One lady from out of town seeing my big belly approached me and asked me when my due date was and I got to say "today!"  and we laughed about it. We returned home afterwards and maybe had a nap? Can't quite remember. But I do know I had a nice relaxing bath.

A little while after the bath around 3pm I started having what I thought were Braxton Hicks, but what I realized after were light contractions. No pain, just my whole belly tightening and then relaxing, 10-15 minutes apart. I didn't think much of it and we went out for ice cream with some family. We went back to Matt's parents house and hung out and watched a movie. The contractions were still coming and going, but not painful. I was starting to wonder if it was the real thing, but brushed it off so I wouldn't get my hopes up. After the movie we went home around 9pm and when I went to the bathroom I had a bit of blood...another sign that you could be going in to labour. I texted a few of my friends and my sister in law to get their opinions and it seemed like it could be the real deal. On their advice I decided to take a tylenol and a gravol and get as much sleep as possible.

Around 10pm the contractions started to be a bit painful, but just felt like mild cramps. At this point they were about 6-8 min apart and I could sleep through them. As the night went on I would wake up for a contraction and doze off in-between, but by about 2am I couldn't sleep anymore and the contractions were more painful and more intense. I woke Matt up and he was SO excited. We timed the contractions for a few minutes and they were consistently 5-6 minutes apart, so I gave my midwife a call and she told me to come in to the hospital and a nurse would check me and give that information to my midwife and then she would come in if I was far enough along.

We were so excited, although I was pretty uncomfortable, but only during the contractions. At this point I couldn't really talk through a contraction, I just had to concentrate on breathing through it, but in between I felt as normal as ever. So we gathered our things and hit the road around 3. We live in Shaunavon but our hospital is not equipped for child birth so everyone has their babies in Swift Current. We had to take the drive to the hospital very slowly because of terrible fog, so what normally takes 1 hour took us almost 2 hours. Which ended up being ok because the contractions weren't too bad to handle yet. Heated seats and anticipation kept my spirits high!

We had already pre-registered so we made it to the maternity ward pretty quickly. The nurse checked me and I was so happy to hear that I was already 6cm! With it being my first pregnancy I was worried that maybe we came too early and I would have to be sent away until I was further along, but she told us we weren't going anywhere. Praise the Lord! She took us over to our room and we settled in, still riding the high of wondering how it would all go and waiting (im)patiently to meet our baby!

To be continued...


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