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A Child is Born! {Part Two}

So. We were all settled in to our birthing room, one with a big tub because we were planning on having a water birth. It's 6am now and contractions were coming steadily about 5 minutes apart and over the next few hours slowly increased in intensity. I wasn't against taking something for the pain, or an epidural if I really thought I needed it, but I wanted to see how it went without those things, to see if I could do it on my own. Our midwife showed up around 7am and asked how I was doing, did her checks, and explained some things. She was really good about giving us our space and making sure we were as comfortable as possible. It was a very peaceful and soothing environment, and I had a playlist playing on my ipod in the background, one that I had been listening to at home for the last few months and it really made me feel comfortable.  At this point I had to reeeaaally focus on getting through each contraction and for the next few hours I rotated between the birthing ball

A Child is Born! {Part One}

June! The most anticipated month of our year. So many unknowns. We were so excited, me a bit nervous, since it was my first rodeo, but I felt confident in the preparing I had done and placed it into God's hands. Bring. It. On. There were a few different due dates being tossed around, but we had been going with June 15th, and the morning of June 15th I woke up thinking, "Ya, this baby isn't coming anytime soon." The reason being, I felt really awesome. I thought for sure I needed to be feeling like I wanted that baby OUT before it would happen, so I was thinking I'd go a week or two longer. It was Sunday so we went to Mass and a few people came up to me with excited nudges or it's-your-due-date!'s. One lady from out of town seeing my big belly approached me and asked me when my due date was and I got to say "today!"  and we laughed about it. We returned home afterwards and maybe had a nap? Can't quite remember. But I do know I

So Long 2014!

So it's been a while. Consider it getting to know me a bit better... but I do believe we can change our ways, so I'm hoping to be more consistent around here! Call it a resolution if you must.  So I guess now that it is 2015 I'll do a quick recap of my last year for your viewing pleasure, it's a doozie.  January  I finished up my job as a Personal Support Worker at a ritzy retirement home in Toronto. I do miss it. Such lovely staff and a great working environment, plus the (usually) sweet elderly. Dreamy. (Not being sarcastic for those who don't know me, I did love it!) Shortly after my last shift my Grandma, Mom, and sister came to help us pack up our apartment. Who knew you could pack so many things into such a small apartment? My Grandma and Mom are masters of organization thankfully and had it all under control with lots of help from Brandi and I of course (just don't verify that last bit...). A going away party was thrown in our honour