7 Quick Takes


Today was all kinds of busy! We are enroute to Alberta right now to visit my family, which I'm really excited about! I love seeing people see Anna again after time apart because she grows so quickly. Wish we lived closer! Anyways, today consisted of the usual taking care of Ann, plus 4 loads of laundry (minus folding, minus putting away), packing everything for the trip, and making a meal for a new mom of baby twin girls! I don't think we've (I've) ever left the house for the weekend in such a state... not very fun to come home to. However I was surprisingly not stressed about it, it is what it is! This coooould be due in part to watching Sleepless in Seattle while I "packed" but I'm not positive... 


It felt so good to bring a meal to that new mom today, I was so extremely thankful for those meals and I only have one baby, not two! By "those meals" I'm talking about this really neat thing that is done in our town. Or at least by the ladies that I've come to know. Anytime someone has a new baby, one lady will arrange for a meal to be brought to the new parents every day for 1-2 weeks. This was so helpful to Matt and I while we were navigating our new life with a newborn. What a loving thing to do! I felt so incredibly cared for and it made all the difference while trying to eat lots and get enough sleep for my milk supply! I love my little town and am so honoured to take part in this tradition! 


For those of you who don't know me in real life I would like to mention that I have an identical twin! Her name is Brandi and she is effortlessly cool and fun. I wish we could hang out everyday but unfortunately she lives 4-too-many hours away with her husband Kyle. We cherish the time we get to spend when we are together and our husbands have become great friends, I couldn't ask for more! Actually I could, pray that they would have a baby one day soon! It is the desire of their hearts, but in the mean time they are godparents to Anna, that lucky girl! (the photo is of Brandi with Anna after she decided that the best time to pee is during tummy time) 


I need to get new glasses. I can't find my current glasses but I think the prescription is off anyways, quite a few years have passed since my eyes were last checked. I have heard that pregnancy can change your vision so it is time to book an appointment! I'm excited to pick out new frames! Maybe something like this but lighter? Maybe I just like them because they look cute on her? Not sure.  

Might take me a while to decide...


Anna's room/guest room/office/musical instrument storage is in much much need of a makeover... the organizational type. Or we need to add three more rooms on to our house which is unlikely. Not sure what to do? Maybe move the instruments into our room? Get a shelf in the kitchen for office papers? More to come on this.


I'm starting a quilt on Monday! I have a new friend in town and we decided to start a project on Monday. I've never sewn a quilt from start to finish on my own so I am excited! Plus it will be really nice visiting with her and chatting about Downton Abbey. Cool fact: her daughter Sybil is one day older than Anna, we were room neighbours in the maternity wing! I'll have to get a picture of Anna and Sybil together because they are so opposite! Anna: olive skin, dark hair, brown eyes  Sybil: pale skin,red hair and blue eyes. Such a cute pair! 


Anna's personality is really starting to shine through and she makes me laugh everyday. She has found her little voice and talks to us and her toys. She is getting a lot more coordinated with her hands and can bring toys to her mouth, she slobbers on everything! She has been with us on the outside for over 3 months now! Next week we are hopefully getting some family pictures taken, I'm happy to capture her at this time because she is still little but has her smile and her looks that are so "her", love it.

So that was my first attempt at 7 Quick Takes... Have a wonderful weekend!



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