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Adventures in Organizing

Oh boy. Remember that baby/office/music/guest room? Well I tackled that today and there is some light at the end of the tunnel, friends! I started by taking a wheelbarrow and a shovel to the mountain of baby clothes that were in baskets, in piles on the the guest bed, on the floor, and in other various places, and brought them all out onto my living room floor. You know how sometimes things get worse before they get better? Yeah, that happened. BUT all's well that ends well, right? Right. So I went to town with sorting and threw all of the clothes that were too small for Anna (or would be too small by the next suitable season) into a big box. It was a little sad for me to be honest, but the kid is growing so I'm not complaining. I just have to have another girl sometime in the future I guess! Anyways, I closed up said big box of NB/0-3/3m clothes and moved it down stairs. Then I took all of the clothes that were too big and put them in a plastic under-the-bed-container that d

7 Quick Takes

{one} Today was all kinds of busy! We are enroute to Alberta right now to visit my family, which I'm really excited about! I love seeing people see Anna again after time apart because she grows so quickly. Wish we lived closer! Anyways, today consisted of the usual taking care of Ann, plus 4 loads of laundry (minus folding, minus putting away), packing everything for the trip, and making a meal for a new mom of baby twin girls! I don't think we've (I've) ever left the house for the weekend in such a state... not very fun to come home to. However I was surprisingly not stressed about it, it is what it is! This coooould be due in part to watching Sleepless in Seattle while I "packed" but I'm not positive...  {two}  It felt so good to bring a meal to that new mom today, I was so extremely thankful for those meals and I only have one baby, not two! By "those meals" I'm talking about this really neat thing that is done in our town. Or at least by