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Drum Creativity and Undergarment Epiphany

I'm sitting here in my dark blue wing backed chair and Anna is asleep. So nice. Today was a really good day, a really full day. {I wrote that last night and Anna woke up shortly after I wrote the above and so I am continuing now...the next day...} So. Yesterday myself, Matt, and my two brother-in-laws did music for Mass. I sang, and I really enjoyed doing it. Matt's Mom and Dad watched Anna for us and it was really great for the first time in a very long time to be so involved in the Mass. My mind usually wanders even if I don't have Anna with me, but since it has been a while since I've helped with music I didn't want to miss any cues. Especially because the clicker for the slides was in my hopefully-capable hands. (I only forgot to change the slide twice, I consider this a victory)...(Furthermore, I was very impressed by my husbands talent of playing the drums very tastefully with two of my wooden spoons. We got to the Church and the drum sticks were MIA, so..

Dear Fall, Please Commit.

Last week it was perfect fall weather. My very favourite kind of weather. A little chilly, but not cold. Not-quite-but-almost-coat weather. We took the air conditioner out of the window and I was loving drinking tea in the evenings and wearing sweaters and big socks (so white, I know) and...I'm still there. and it's 30 degrees out. I would like some commitment fall. I was committed to you. Still am and I'm boiling over here. Actually to be honest I do love the warm weather and the reason I am hot is because I have to wear pants because I mentally threw out my razor at the first leaf crunch.... so it's my own fault. I guess... basically I need fall to commit so I can commit to not shaving my legs. (Sorry Matt)

Welcome, welcome!

Hello! I am excited to start keeping track of my memories and moments. As for the title of the blog, I am a firm believer in doing our duty of the moment. Unfortunately I am a soft actually-follow-through-with-it-er. But then there is always the next moment! This is where I will keep track of it all as I live out my vocation of motherhood which is 3 months young and in the shape of a little baby girl named Anna. And to stay true to my hopes for myself, my duty of THIS moment is to go switch the laundry over...bye!