I have come to a realisation.

I want to be home, I crave home. But so often I am escaping my home. Because it's not what I want it to be...yet. Not right now. But it's not going to get there if I'm not there. Even sometimes when I'm there, I'm not there. I'm peering into others "there" through a small, driveway-cracked screen. I know I am capable of transforming the clutter, the not quite right yet. But it requires intentionality, and presence. Which is simple, but not easy. But possible, and that's where I'm at right now. Believing it is possible to get things to where I want them to be. 
When I look at what I think I want in other peoples pretty pictures, I know I have all of that and more here, because it is mine. I don't want their there. I really love mine, but I forget that when I am not looking around my own house, holding my own things. Even if that thing is a broom. This is what it takes to make my house a place we want to be, tur…


I'm back! I haven't blogged for a few months, one of the reasons simply being the first trimester. It definitely wasn't the worst I've had, or compared to other women's very difficult pregnancies, but the reality of it was still a challenge and an adjustment to a new normal for a time! Summer is generally a busy time with a lot going on, so add to that the disorganisation of doing the bare minimum around here didn't leave me with much (any?) brain space. And the third reason being computer troubles, which made blogging if I had spare energy or time very frustrating..and not worth the energy or time...but those are resolved and here we are!

The last blog post I wrote I did a little mind dump of where I am at, or things that are on my mind, so I think I'll do that again to kick off being back!

- feeling very inspired to get a morning routine in place. I need to start the day with a few things that I think will have an impact on our family life: silence, pray…

twenty seven

I turned 27 on Victoria Day and came home to my own White Way of Delight, dreamy apple blossoms in full bloom! I have been anticipating 27, and for some strange reason I was excited for this certain age. It holds so much promise in my feels like a real adult age, where I will be the woman I imagined I would be in my late twenties...rather than, truthfully, feeling still 22 or 23.

Even though I know it doesn't work quite like this, I feel this age calling me to stand a little taller, try a little harder. I'm trying to verbalize some abstract thoughts here, for my own memories. So I can look back and see how I did, in my twenty seventh year. Calling myself to action, in a way. But at the same time remembering that I am always going to be myself..but different versions. And I want the 27th version to be memorable. For how I really tried to make life more beautiful and ordered for myself and my family, and had a servants heart while doing it all for the greater glory of G…

hello from the other side

Well, there I go again not blogging for 6 or 7 months. Should I be surprised? I guess it's my style. I'll go with that. It also directly relates to when we gave up screens. Coincidence? We'll never know.

And speaking of that, I will be writing a little post on that to fill you in on how it went. I meant to keep going strong with the updates, but again, when was I supposed to blog if my kids don't watch tv? Joking, sort of. And to kill the suspense we lasted about 5 months...I still count it as a success and contemplated changing the title of that post to "Why We Decided to Give Up Screens for 5 Months"...but I'm committed to being real over here I guess, and a little dose of humility can be good for a gal. But I have many thoughts on it all and will get that post going soon.

I think one reason why I haven't blogged since that post was because I put a lot of pressure on myself, and I felt like I needed to only write about how that was going. So then t…

7 reasons why we are quitting screens for a year

On Saturday, June 24, 2017 we started our year of no screen time for the girls. We even put our tv into storage. I've had a difficult time writing this because I don't want it to come across as negative or judging anyone for how they parent. So please read this through the lens of it being our particular story at this time of our life. I'm hoping to be vulnerable in case there are some people out there who could relate. And even if you are at a different, better place with screens, I hope it will still be an interesting journey, I will need some cheerleaders!

I didn't struggle much with screen time at the beginning of motherhood because my oldest, Anna, was very busy and didn't care for the tv. But when I had my second it started to be on more and more. I was tired. A few months ago I had strep throat... cue Netflix for the next 2 months. Ok -- it wasn't quite that dramatic but that's kind of where I can pinpoint a downward spiral of altogether way more sc…